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Why Mattercards?

Research shows that most Americans have no clear sense of purpose. And with unhappiness, stress and worry on the rise, Mattercards couldn’t come at a better time. They are a result of 10+ years of studying, implementation, trial and error. They support mental health concepts, including: purpose, routine, meditation, focus, productivity and mindfulness.

Mattercards are daily cards that keep you focused on the things that matter most in your life. Using the cards daily will help build focus, clarity, purpose and direction. In an overwhelmingly noisy world, it’s easy to get caught up in daily distractions and lose track of what matters most to you.

They are simple to use: fill one out before bed and wake up to it in the morning. Take it with you throughout your day and fill out the second side at night before going to bed. Try them for 30 days and see how they change your life.

How it Works

Fill out the front of one card each night before bed. This should take no more than two or three minutes. Start by writing tomorrow’s date at the top and the time you commit to waking up. Make sure it’s a commitment you will keep. There is plenty of research that supports the negative effects of hitting your snooze button. After the top part is done, fill out the three boxes:

  1. First, write out the vision you have for your future self. If you aren’t sure how to answer that, please download your free LifePlan document at to help you gain some clarity. Once you know this, it will remain consistent every day.
  2. Next, write the next level you need to achieve on your journey toward that vision. This will change out periodically over time as you progress.
  3. Finally, consider one main intentional thought you need to believe that will support you accomplishing this and write that down. This may change out daily as you see fit.

Habit Tracker

Use the bottom area to track your progress toward a daily challenge or new habit you are developing. Mark the next day in a row you are committing to. If you miss a day, start over with Box #1. Once you complete 30 days in a row, you are well on your way toward forming a solid habit.

Your first habit is to use the Mattercards every day for 30 days in a row.


This is one of the most valuable spaces on your card. Any time something strikes you in an unusual way—a thought, something funny, an idea—write it down. Use abbreviated language to save space. Capture all ideas and filter out quality later. In time, you’ll be amazed at what your brain has produced…even your next million-dollar idea.

You can also use this space for reminders or key To-Do list items.

AM Routine

When you arise, rather than reaching for your phone, reach for your Mattercard and incorporate it into your morning routine and meditation. If it’s your first day, the front part of your card should be filled out and waiting for you when you arise.

Use your card during your morning meditation to practice gaining clarity on your vision and back it with emotion. You can download a free supporting meditation at Carry your card with you throughout your day so your vision and intentional thought remain top of mind. Keep it where you can see it and envision it as often as you can throughout your day to remind you of what matters most to you.

PM Routine

At the end of the day, take two or three minutes to complete your Mattercard by filling out the reverse side of the card. As you think through your day, “T.A.G.” yourself and complete the following three boxes:

1. Triumph: record a win that stands out. No matter how disappointing your day was, there’s always something to celebrate if you look for it.

2. Assessment: write out one thing you did today that you could have one better. Take a moment to rehearse in your mind how you’ll handle that type of situation better the next time it comes up.

3. Gratitude: list one thing for which you are thankful. Keep in mind, it does not have to be something that already exists. You can be thankful for something that hasn’t happened yet. Take a moment to capture the feeling of gratitude.

When complete, file your card and finish your routine by filling out the front of tomorrow’s card and place it on your nightstand before going to bed. 

Suggestions and Ideas:

  • Use abbreviated and keyword language to maximize space
  • Put reminders in your calendar for time each night to fill out your Mattercard
  • Keep your card with you all day long so you are constantly reminded of what matters most for that day
  • Periodically, go through your stack of completed Mattercards and journal any thoughts and ideas from your THINKUBATOR. Once the cards have been journaled, feel free to discard them. 
  • If you have accomplished your one main goal or if your purpose changes, revisit your Personal Mattermap, set a new target and begin to stretch yourself to a new level. 


How does this crazy thing work?

It’s very simple. Just fill out one card each night before you go to bed by answering the questions on the card. Challenge yourself to use one card each day for 30 days in a row.

What is on the cards?

Since space is small, each card is designed with maximum efficiency. There is space to track habits, set your intentions for the day, space for ideas and even a check-in area to help you wrap up your day.

Does this replace my planner?

No. It actually compliments your planner. Mattercards are an abbreviated extraction of your day’s most essential tasks. Keep them in your planner, purse, pocket or at your desk.

What are some of the biggest benefits?

There are many benefits. But what we hear over and over is that the Mattercards help people prioritize and focus on what matters most in their life. In an overly distracting world, it’s more essential than ever.

Why should I use paper rather than technology?

The short answer is, maybe you shouldn’t. But most people live in an over abundance of technology and find that writing on paper is refreshing. The routine takes less than 5 minutes a day.